Razorblade Beat

Generic Ratings: 1: Crap. 2: Ok. 3. Good. 4: Great

This early track lives up to its name with a (ahem) thundering drum beat intro, followed by funny bass line, followed by funny crumbling guitar sound, followed by irritatingly high pitched guitar riff. We get chaotic swirling and clanging for a few seconds before James comes in with the vocals which are too high for his untrained throat to make any sound other than terrible just yet. There’s no chorus to speak of, just a brief handful of verses followed by some strange guitars and noises, an epic metal screech, more noises, then a weird sigh/burp to close. I’ve no idea what sound they were going for here, but anyone who has picked up a guitar and a pen has written a song like this at some point. Having said that, it is a little bit punk and there is a certain amount of audio unease which would be perfected in later albums.

Razorblade Beat: 1/Crap


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