Love In A Make Up Bag

Generic Ratings: 1: Crap. 2: Okay. 3: Good. 4: Great

Well well, it’s been a while since I originally devised this blog as a place to review Simpsons episodes, give my song by song thoughts on the Manic Street Preachers, and post all of my old IMDB movie reviews. I created all of the categories for Manics songs, but then couldn’t be arsed to cover each song (plus there are other blogs who have both already done this, and done it more eloquently than I have time to, remembering that 90% of my posts are written with zero edits and almost no preparation).

With that being said, I think I can now begin actually writing and posting what I first created this blog for, ensuring to keep each song review to a minimum so that I don’t go off rambling and so each post doesn’t feel the same as the last. That should be especially easy for the songs in the ‘Early Stuff’ category – these are songs that the band recorded when they were kids, long before they were signed, and stuff that was almost certainly never meant to be released. Nevertheless, as bad as the ‘production’ is I find these songs interesting from a historical point of view, and a few of them are actually pretty good. Not this one though.

Love In A Make Up Bag bears all the hallmarks of a very early Manics demo; in fact it bears all the hallmarks of an early demo by any band – scratchy, zero production, recorded in a garage/basement/bedroom/pit. The vocals are mostly lost in the mix so I have no idea what the song is about, although the title does suggest some of the early concepts of the band and their usual topics of discussion – love, makeup – suggesting beauty, lies, masks, sleaze, sexuality. Musically there isn’t a lot to it, fading in with a jangled series of chords and chugging bass. There’s an attempt at a growing sense of rhythm before the sudden hard stop finish, but not much in the way of songwriting ability or quality of playing.

Just a final note – for each of these posts I’ll try to post a nice Youtube vid link, but as many of the songs are super rare, no-one has uploaded any vids. When that is the case, I’m going to post a surprise random Youtube link – do you dare click it!?

Misheard Lyric: Seriously?

Love In A Makeup Bag: 1/Crap

Epic Sport Fails

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