Movie Trailers 2016 # 3

Look! Look at the things! Sparkly and new and full of intrigue, like a child fresh over the fields on the first day of Summer, shoving their hand into a muddy hole in the ground and yanking out fistfuls of gem-encrusted spiders. Why are they there? What do they do? Why are they biting me? MUMMY!? That’s right, it’s time for more trailers!

Alice Through The Looking Glass


My eldest daughter wants to go to the Cinema to see this one, but I don’t know if she’d actually sit that long. She does like Tim Burton’s first Wonderland movie, but my memories of it aren’t too pleasant. It all looks very pretty/grim as is Burton’s way, and I’m sure it will make a crapload of money, but I don’t think I’ll be paying. The start of the trailer feels a bit like Return To Oz which is always good.

Things To Know: The sequel to Burton’s Alice In Wonderland.

Whos To Know: Directed by James Bobin (The Muppets, Flight Of The Concords) and starring Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, and Helena Bonham Carter.

Mother’s Day Trailer 2


You don’t see much of Julia Roberts these days, do you? Light laughs. Ha ha, dads are shit. Ha ha, young people are shit. Good cast, but looks pretty bad. I think y’all know I won’t be seeing this. Neither will you.

Things To Know: Various families with various problems encounter various hilarious tribulations. There are probably no sharks. It’s actually already out and has unsurprisingly been panned by audiences and critics.

Whos To Know: Directed by Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman, Beaches) and starring many many people from Julia Roberts to Jennifer Aniston and Timothy Olyphant to Jon Lovitz.

The Invitation


I don’t believe I’ve heard of this one before. Shady business. Intrigue. Old friends and new. Suspicion and discomfort. Cult, paranoia, religious speak. Okay, the trailer doesn’t give a lot away but is interspersed with the usual plaudits from critics. I’ll keep an eye out for reviews of this one as it could be one to watch in the future.

Things To Know: Seems this one has already been released too, via a limited release and on demand, so I’ll watch out for it. This one has a great score on Metacritic and focuses on a man and his new girlfriend meeting for dinner with his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. Probably best not to read any more into it.

Who’s To Know: Directed by Karyn Kusama (Girlfight, Jennifer’s Body) and starring Logan Marhshall Green and Tammy Blanchard.

Everybody Wants Some!!! Trailer 2


Looks to be following in the grand tradition of Porky’s and American Pie, a kid’s experience at college with booze and beauties. Aah, Linklater, so there will be a touch of class. The trailer looks okay, again a good cast, but if it wasn’t for the director’s involvement I’d probably steer clear of this. If it’s anywhere as good as Dazed And Confused then it’s sure to be great.

Things To Know: Another with a limited release, bizarre given the director’s recent success, this follows a gang of college baseball players as they navigate their way through the antics of freshman year.

Who’s To Know: Directed by Richard Linklater (Boyhood, School Of Rock) and starring Blake Jenner and Zoey Deutch.

The American Side


Tesla. I’ve read a few fictional and non-fiction works about him. Conspiracy vibe. I like Camilla Belle, never gets any credit. Great cast. People are always claiming Tesla had a time machine and other assorted novelties. Not too many noir films around these days, at least in the US. Ahh, Niagra Falls, I get it. Looks interesting, but would be nice to know a bit more about it.

Things To Know: I can’t find this movie on Wikipedia, but appears to be about a bunch of people trying to find some missing invention by Nikola Tesla.

Whos To Know: Ricker, Stuhr, Belle, Broderick, Bachleda, Forster, Vaughn, Garofalo.

So, which of the above movies are you salivating over? Dirty boy! Let us know in the comments.

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