UK Top 40 # 10 – 9

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Woo hoo, we’re into the top 10, and that means I soon won’t have to listen to anymore of this crap!

10: Easy Love – Sigala (Never heard of you)

Wooo. Wait a minute. I’ve heard bits of this. Ah yes, this is an absolutely disastrous cover/remix/shitstorm. Oh the irony – they do indeed take a simple melody and play it to the point that it becomes meaningless. ABC is a fun little song, one of the stupid things about this anal rasp is that they have taken arguably the weakest melody, one that in fact can barely be considered a melody, and repeated roughly 14 thousand times. There is a void of talent here. There is a sadness. There is a smell. Pointless, rank, twattery for people incapable of thought. It’s not about anything.

9: Do It Again – Pia Mia (Never heard of you):


Noises. Generic rap. Headbutting a keyboard and hoping that some notes emerge. Ok vocals. It does have a chorus, it is junk, and there is nothing worthwhile to say about the verses. Music to play on Babestation when the women aren’t talking. Repetitive and annoying long before it’s over. It appears to be about sex.

Any takers? Let us know in the comments.


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