UK Top 40 # 12 – 11

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We’re within smelling distance of the Top 10 now and so far my opinion of chart music and your opinion of me has decreased. Lets see if we can change at least one of those opinions.

12: Alone No More – Philip George & Anton Powers (never heard of you)


Chaos noise. Chav beats. Ibiza. So this crap is still around. As I’ve mentioned already, chart dance music seems to have a better grasp of melody that anything else in the charts. This is not exactly catchy, but it has something. Again, this could have been written and recorded in the early 90s, there is absolutely nothing new here. Not that I expect each new artist to bring something new of course. I imagine this is good for dancing too whilst chewing your face off, but it is not good for anything else. It appears to be about sex.

11: How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris (Everything I’ve heard has been crap)

Bass. Weak beats. Annoying singing. Like above, there is nothing new here from what was being churned out to braindead chavs in the early 90s. Of course it’s catchy, but no more so than an advertisement jingle for a Bank. Robot voices. Music for barfing in a dank stall to. It appears to be about sex.

Nope. Let us know in the comments.


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