UK Top 40 – # 20 – 19

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Well glancers, we’re over halfway through our countdown of the ‘best’ music the world has to offer, and so far it’s safe to assume that if we were all wiped out by a nuke it would be no great loss.

20: Love Me – The 1975 (never heard of you)

What a dreadful name for a band. Aaand it sounds like INXS. Being chased by ghosts in a Scooby doo episode. It’s certainly different from every other song on the charts so far, so thumbs up for that. But it’s more 80s throwback junk. It actually reminds me of the other brother from The Delays singing – it has that funky flavour along with the drop in quality when he sings instead of Greg. I suspect this one will get played to death on UK radio and completely drain it of whatever goodness it may have. It’s not about sex (except for when it is)

19: Never Forget You – MNEK & Zara Larsson (never heard of you)


Again with the crappy vocals. Sounding exactly like everyone else. And surprise surprise, we even get a silent moment pre-chorus, followed by an anti-chorus. As generic as it possibly gets, sounding identical to all the other weak chart crap we’ve covered already here. It’s a pity, because that climbing vocal in the verse has potential, but aside from those moments the rest is shockingly derivative, boring, insipid puddle music. It’s about not having sex anymore.

What do you think of these songs? Is there any hope? For chart music? For me?


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