UK Top 40 # 30 – 29

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Isn’t it time One Direction were replaced by a younger, fresher faced group, leaving the boys to a life of drug-rehab and celeb guest appearances on shows such as Come Swine With Me and others that no-one watches before a reunion tour in ten years before fading into obscurity? I think so.

30: Drag Me Down – One Direction (What I’ve heard has been crap)

 You know, I actually feel a little dirty listening to all this kiddy crap. But I’m doing it for you, dammit! You, the glancing public! And of course, I still live in hope of finding something good. Come on kids, raise the bar. If you stop buying this crap, people will have to do better, try harder. Anyway, fake vocals, embarrassing lyrics, and thrown in some accent-accentuation and poor harmonies. It’s a pity as there are a few good melodic moments in there. No, no clapping please. And it falls completely into the anti-chorus trap – builds up and then falls apart instead of taking off. In the hands of an actual talented person, this might sound ok. It’s about feeling invincible (after sex).

29: Are You With Me – Lost Frequencies (Never heard of you)


Didn’t we hear this already? Sounds like one of the previous guitar based songs. But with added weak-ass beats that sound like spit on a window, and terrible vocals. It’s a by the numbers dance track, complete with underwater section, but with absolutely no bass or energy. I’ll concede that it’s catchy, but it’s just so tame and weak. It appears to be about sex.

Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed these songs, or if you had to douse your ears with cement.

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