UK Top 40 # 34 – 33

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It seems like every four songs we get one ok song, so that’s not too bad a ratio. Still, nothing special or you know, good yet.

34: Let It Go – James Bay (Never heard of you)

maxresdefault (2)

Just what the world needed, another song called Let It Go. Decent intro. I think I’ve heard this one. Good vocals and good melodies, but sort out that fake accent bullshit and the equally fake gravel – it does nothing when you can spot that it’s false. A song that would be much stronger in the hands of a singer who just sings. It’s a decent song, but isn’t as emotional as it thinks it is – faux-emotion for people who cry when someone is voted off X Factor. It appears to be about not having sex anymore.

33: Photograph – Ed Sheeran (What I’ve heard has been crap)

Good start. The latest attempt at a Damien Rice. Good verse, at least he’s keeping the accent-accentuation on the low. Chorus ok too. I just don’t feel any honesty or emotion from these guys  – I understand this is supposed to be heart-wrenching, but the vocals are so plain and everything feels too manufactured and over-produced – it doesn’t sound like you’re hurting, it doesn’t feel like you are moments from death or worse. It just sounds like you thought a sad sounding ballad would sell a tonne of copies so you wrote one. It appears to be about not having sex anymore.

Any fans of these middle of the road songs out there? Am I being too harsh – am I too hardened by the ravages of time to find the emotion in these songs? Let us know in the comments!

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