Best Cinematography: 1965

Once again the award was split between colour and BW films.

Official Nominations: BW: Ship Of Fools. In Harm’s Way. King Rat. Morituri. A Patch Of Blue. Colour: Dr. Zhivago. The Agony And The Ecstasy. The Great Race. The Greatest Story Ever Told. The Sound Of Music.


As was typical for this category, most of the nominations fall under the epic style. In Harm’s Way, King Rat, The Agony And The Ecstasy etc etc are all epics of a sweeping nature featuring large casts, budgets, sets, and locations. Ship Of Fools is perhaps a surprise official winner as much of the film takes place inside the ship, while it was a closer race in the colour category as each of the nominations is a worthy winner.

My Winner: BW: King Rat. Colour:  The Sound Of Music.

My Nominations: Alphaville. Dr Zhivago. The Flight Of The Phoenix. For A Few Dollars More. King Rat. The Greatest Story Ever Told. The Sound Of Music.

I’ll add French New Wave thriller Alphaville to my list of nominations as it manages to transform Paris from a lush cosmopolitan city into a dark, foreboding entity. Flight Of The Phoenix and For A Few Dollars More also get nods for their respective takes on wide, all consuming shots.

My Winner: Alphaville.

Which film of 1965 do you feel has the Best Cinematography? Let us know in the comments!


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