UK Top 40 # 36 – 35

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Four songs in, and there has only been one remotely close to being worth listening to again. Lets see if someone raises the bar today.

36: Firestone – Kygo (Never heard of you)

Firestone sounds like a Power metal band name. So does Kygo. But this ain’t no metal. Building up into presumably some light dance track. Decent verse. It seems like dance music is the only chart genre that understands melody anymore. Building nicely. Chorus is too weak, where’s the bass? Oh, there’s a pause. I understand the silent moment in dance music as it usually allows the bass and melody to come in for one final blast. It doesn’t work when there is no follow up. There’s a decent song in here somewhere, give it to someone with a piano or guitar and a good voice and this could be better. It’s probably about sex.

35: Cheerleader – OMI (Never heard of you)


Hmm, I think I have heard this before. Yes, it was played at a kids disco (over 8s not allowed) I took my kids to. I thought he was saying ‘Jelly Girl’ instead of ‘cheerleader’. It’s catchy fo’ sho’, but it’s pretty annoying too. It’s not something a normal could listen to for more than four minutes without demanding bloodshed. It almost feels too long at under 3 minutes, but it’s ok. It appears to be about sex.

Let us know in the comments if you like these songs or if you think I’m being too harsh.


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