The UK Top 40 # 40 To 39

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So, lets get tore in, as they say. Two songs I don’t think I’ve heard, by artists I’ve never heard of.

40: Around The World – Natalie La Rose (Never heard of you)

Just to make sure I don’t have any non-music related bias, I’m going to make sure I only listen to the song, not watch the video, and try not to let any of the single artwork sway my opinions. This one starts ok, ok vocals, clear melody, nice build up to a catchy chorus. One thing I’ve noticed in recent chart music is that once the chorus hits, everything is slowed and restrained, with a drop in pace, volume, and even melody – this one begins to slip into that trap when the ‘ra la la’ section hits – it builds up, then falls apart when it should soar. Then some fool comes in and speaks in order to drag out the song for another minute. Of course, we have the silent moment – when the music builds up – then pauses for a beat – then we repeat the chorus. It’s a weak trick, overused. An ok song, nothing special, distinctly average. It appears to be about sex.

39: Talk To Me – Nick Brewer (Never heard of you)

Oh dear. It starts bad. Then the vocals begin and it’s worse. Samples. At least they don’t fall into the anti-melody chorus, but then the chorus is shit. The rest of it is shit too. I hate the accents. It’s repetitive, tuneless, boring. I imagine you can dance to it. Dancing is for children, high on sugar and balloons. It appears to be about sex.

Let me know your thoughts on these songs in the comments – do you like them? Which decade or era do you feel chart music was best?


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