Ranking James Bond Songs

As the new James Bond movie Spectre is hitting our screens, most of you will have heard the accompanying song. Over the years, the James Bond song has become part of the 007 movie heritage, as much as the actor filling the role, as much as the villain and henchmen in each movie, as much as the ‘Bond Girl’. I’m a super-fan of the series, but I haven’t really posted much about my love for it on this blog. So, in this first series of posts I’m going to rank all of the songs from the series, from worst to best and later I may also rank the movies themselves, the Bond Girls, the villains etc etc. Fans will know that not every Bond film actually has a Bond song – I will be including Dr No, and I will be including both Never Say Never Again and Casino Royale 1967 even though those are outside of the main Bond movies. I’m keeping it to one song per movie too, the main title song (where applicable). Also, these are purely based on personal preference, not which is the most culturally influential or relatable to the series. For reference – here are the songs I’ll be covering and their associated movies:

Under The Mango Tree – Dr No

From Russia With Love – From Russia With Love

Goldfinger – Goldfinger

Thunderball – Thunderball

You Only Live Twice – You Only Live Twice

All The Time In The World – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Diamonds Are Forever – Diamonds Are Forever

Live And Let Die – Live And Let Die

Nobody Does It Better – The Spy Who Loved Me

Moonraker – Moonraker

For Your Eyes Only – For Your Eyes Only

All Time High – Octopussy

A View To A Kill – A View To A Kill

The Living Daylights – The Living Daylights

License To Kill – License To Kill

Goldeneye – Goldeneye

Tomorrow Never Dies – Tomorrow Never Dies

The World Is Not Enough – The World Is Not Enough

Die Another Day – Die Another Day

You Know My Name – Casino Royale

Another Way To Die – Quantum Of Solace

Skyfall – Skyfall

The Writing’s On The Wall – Spectre

The Look Of Love – Casino Royale 1967

Never Say Never Again – Never Say Never Again

The Man With The Golden Gun – The Man With The Golden Gun

Feel free to chime in now with what your favourite Bond song is – you can be sure that my ranking will have a few surprise choices both at the top and the bottom!

Tell it like it is!

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