Best Foreign Film: 1965

Actual Nominations: The Shop On Main Street. Kwaidan. Marriage Italian Style, Dear John, Blood On The Land.

The Shop On Main Street deservedly won the award this year, a brutally honest depiction of occupation and tragedy. De Sica’s fiery drama Marriage Italian-Style would have been a more obvious choice as winner, but missed out in a difficult group. Japan’s official entry Kwaidan is a timeless tale of horror featuring a collection of classic creepy tales, directed with flair and featuring a variety of bizarre expressionist images and chilling scenes. Dear John apparently gets a nomination because of some nudity while Greece’s Blood On The Land tells a story of hardships in turn of the century Greece amongst the poor.

My Nominations: Kwaidan.

My Nominations: Kwaidan. Marriage Italian Style. Alphaville. Pierrot Le Fou. Red Beard. For A Few Dollars More. The Ipcress File. Sword Of The Beast.

Two films make it over to my selections, joining a few more recognisable films. Alphaville remains striking, a unique (even now) sci-fi detective thriller, while Pierrot Le Fou, another Godard selection, is an experimental version of Bonnie And Clyde meets Badlands meets Easy Rider. Kurosawa’s underrated Red Beard is his finest humanist tale since Ikiru. Staying in Japan, and Hideo Gosha crafts one of the finest rebel Samurai movies of the era, packed with violence and a subversive take on loyality using flashbacks and various injustices to blur the line between good and evil. For A Few Dollars More may be the weakest of the Dollars trilogy but still packs a memorably violent punch and proving more twists on what good old US Westerns were known for, while The Ipcress File gives a suitably British, downbeat alternative to the more explosive Bond series.

My Winner: Kwaidan


Let us know in the comments what your favourite foreign film of 1965 is!


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