Kurt Vonnegut – November 11, 1922 – April 11, 2007

Vonnegut was one of a handful of 20th Century writers whose works speak to an ever-evolving youth counter-culture and which transcend time. The satirical voice through scenes of absurdity, war, carnage, the science fiction blending with absolute realism has placed him as a writer who will always find an audience with every new generation of disenfranchised teen, and his pacifist, anti-authoritarian stance ensures he is a favourite amongst those teens who move on to a larger interest in literature and politics. Outspoken both in his written and vocal words on many subjects, particularly war and politics which he saw as increasingly intertwining, he was a decorated veteran of WWII – the experiences of the war leading to his most famous works. An accomplished artist, free-thinker, and writer until his death, Vonnegut’s works are vital, funny, horrific, and contain all the lessons an angry young artist needs.


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