Best Supporting Actor: 1964

Actual Nominations: Peter Ustinov. John Gielgud. Stanley Holloway. Edmund O’Brien. Lee Tracy.

Peter Ustinov picked up the official win for his role as a hustler in Topkapi, though some would say his role should have qualified for the Best Actor award. Also nominated was John Gielgud as King Louis XVII in Becket , his first nomination, Stanley Holloway as Eliza’s crafty father in My Fair Lady, Edmund O’Brien for political thriller Seven Days In Many and Lee Tracy for the role he played on stage in The Best Man.

My Winner: Peter Ustinov

My Nominations: Geroge C Scott. James Booth. Michael Caine. Gian Maria Volonte.

I’ve selected four different actors for my nominations, including at least one major snub. George C Scott missed out on an official nomination for Dr Strangelove, his manic performance foreshadowing Patton by 6 years. Even though Kubrick suggested Scott played practice takes in a more ridiculous fashion (and then used those takes in the final film) it was Scott’s leering, lurching style which made the mad General character a cliche in years to come. James Booth and Michael Caine get nods for Zulu, truly an ensemble film where no one character can be said to be the lead; they play vastly different characters, an officer and a scoundral, but both soldiers who stand together for survival. Gian Maria Volonte gets my final choice as the villianous Ramon in A Fistfull Of Dollars.

My Winner: George C Scott

Have I missed your favourite Supporting Actor of 1964? Let us know in the comments!

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