Best Actor: 1964

Actual Nominations: Rex Harrison. Richard Burton. Peter O’Toole. Anthony Quinn. Peter Sellers.

5 big hitters in the actual nominations this year in a variety of roles. Eventual winner Harrison was known for playing elder authority figures so playing Professor Higgins was hardly new territory for him. However, he does perfect the character. Unfortunately the character is so bizarre – an upper class man who has all the traits of arrogance and superiority who for reasons unknown hates the pretensions of the upper class which he so clearly demonstrates himself. Plus Harrison was a bit of a cock. Burton and O’Toole are overly serious as Becket and King Henry, while Quinn goes up against his Arabia co-star by nailing the title role of Zorba The Greek. My winner though goes to the multi-role by Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove where he shows a variety of styles touching on straight, satire, sarcasm, and downright silly.

My Winner: Peter Sellers

My Nominations: Peter Sellers. Clint Eastwood. Lee Marvin. Sean Connery.

Only four choices for me this year and with only Sellers making the crossover. Joining him are three of the best hardasses we’ve known, the eternally grim Clint Eastwood, scary uncle Lee Marvin, and assassin with a smile Sean Connery. Connery may only be reprising a role but in Goldfinger he is never better- charming and deadly. Eastwood creates an iconic character with his actions rather than words, and Marvin finally branches out on his own in The Killers in one of his best and own personal favourite performances. With all that said, my win goes again to Sellers for the audacity to play multiple differing characters, and the talent to pull it off.

My Winner: Peter Sellers.

Have I missed your favourite actor of 1964? Let us know in the comments?

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