Brandon Lee – February 1, 1965 – March 31, 1993

Brandon Lee, son of Linda Lee and Martial Arts superstar, actor, philosopher, and all round great guy -Bruce Lee, was well on his way to emulating his father’s success when his career, and life were struck down prematurely. The Shrine is a place to remember the good times, so let us look back with smiles, not tears or anger.

Brandon trained as a Martial Artist and actor, following in his father’s footsteps, and earned his first meaningful, ironically, as Chung Wang, the alleged son of David Carradine’s main character in the series Kung Fu (Bruce Lee was the original actor selected to star in Kung Fu). Brandon followed this up with a small number of roles in action movies, graduating from bit player to starring role, and eventually was selected to star as Eric Draven in comic book adaptation The Crow. His performance was heralded at the time, and has since gone on to be regarded as one of the best leading performances in any movie based on a comic. His death during film ended what looked to be one of the most promising up and coming careers in Hollywood, but family, friends, co-workers, and fans all remember him as a humble man, and one who is sorely missed.

Rest In Peace

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