Amazon Vine Freebies: July 28th 2011

*Note – For some reason this wasn’t posted at the time of writing 4 years ago, so I’m adding it now, with bonus content! Enjoy!*

The rumours of laptops proved unfounded once again as we were left with 10 pages of books and software. I wish I had more time to check out some of these new authors, but alas. I went for a couple of items which should be easy to get through and review:

Black Sheep

A Russian movie of some sort. Update! I watched this a few year back, and thoroughly enjoyed it – a decent small scale war movie with lots of action and emotion.

The Happets, Play With Colours:

 A felt children’s book to help teach kids about colours. This should come in handy for my 7 month daughter. Update! My daugher is now 4, and my second daughter is 2. Neither particularly enjoyed this book, but it’s still bright and fun.

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