Best Costume Design: 1963

This year the nominess were split into Colour and BW again. It was another Edith Head heavy year, but no win this time.

Official Nominations: Colour: Cleopatra. How The West Was Won. A New Kind Of Love. The Leopard. The Cardinal.

BW: 8 and a half. The Stripper. Toys In The Attic. Wives And Lovers. Love With The Proper Stranger.

My Winner: Cleopatra. 8 And A Half.

Unsurprising picks of winners from me, with Cleopatra setting new standards for lavish design in every department, from sets to costumes. The team of Irene Sharaff, Vittorio Nino Novarese, and Renie pick up both my win, and the Official Colour win. In the same vein, Piero Gherardi wins the Official award and my award, outdoing two Edith Head projects for his work on 8 1/2.

My Nominations: Cleopatra. From Russia With Love. Jason And The Argonauts. The Pink Panther. The Great Escape. How The West Was Won

It’s an all colour list for me this year, with only two films making it over from the official list. Out of the rest of my nominations, From Russia With Love and The Pink Panther show obvious flair, but most notable is the work on Jason And The Argonauts, with Gods, men, and monsters all suitably attired.

My Winner: Cleopatra.


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