Manic Mondays – 1/12/15

Today I’m posting the entire lyric for this track. Because they’re lovely – one for all you romantics. ‘Enjoy’.

I got married cos you should/We both knew we should/You do at our age.

This stage of our career/Things get tight/A ring helps get a mortgage

To move out of daddys home/Get a bigger car/Easy access to the city

I can read the papers in peace/And laugh at the homeless/I know my friends criticize

But we get by ok/So what if theres no emotion/We can wake up anywhere

There’s never a row/No time for a kiss/When you’ve got schedules to meet/Trivialities seem so cheap

This is above love/This is more than real
This is all there is/This is as good as it gets
Intense morality parades



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