Best Cinematography: 1963

Again this year the nominees were split into Colour and BW, but I’ve merged the two for my nominations:

Official Nominations: Colour: Cleopatra. How The West Was Won. Irma La Deuce. It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World. The Cardinal.

Official Nominations: BW: Hud. Lilies Of The Field. Love With The Proper Stranger. The Balcony. The Caretakers.

Ernest Holler had been in the game since 1920, picking up an Oscar for Gone With The Wind. Involved with many striking American classics from the twenties to the sixties, his work on Lilies Of The Field is accomplished, taking the natural beauty of barren Arizona desert and giving it life. With mulitple directors working on How The West Was Won, multiple DPs were brought on too. William H Daniels, Milton Krasner, Charles Lang, and Joseph LaShelle, somehow come together to each shine in presenting the width and scope of land and opportunity in the US.

My Winners: How The West Was Won. Lilies Of The Field.

My Nominations: Cleopatra. How The West Was Won. Alone On The Pacific. The Birds. From Russia With Love. The Great Escape. Jason And The Argonauts. Lord Of The Flies.

My Winner: How The West Was Won.

Let us know your picks in the comments and poll below!


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