Amazon Vine Freebies – April 2014

The cruelest month sees an odd selection of selections, toys, dvds, and kitchen treats, all welcomed with open eyes.

Hello Kitty Flip Out Sofa:

A big hit in the Spac household, the girls enjoyed sitting on this, and pulling it out to lie on, sofa bed style, but it didn’t last long, sustaining a mortal puncture after a few weeks. We did what we could, patched it up and tried to give it the best quality of life for its final days, but in the end the last gasp of air was puffed, and all that was left was a plastic, deflated rag. Goodbye, Kitty. Goodbye.

Galt Giant Floor Puzzle Farm:

A bright and chunky jigsaw, depicting one of the final days of summer, and also ironically one of the final days when Farmer Joe and the animals were happy together – shortly after this scene was drawn, Tesco Joe came long and slaughtered most of the brethren for their frozen food aisle, including the horse. Relive the carnage by completing and destroying the jigsaw!


Out of The Furnace [DVD] [2013]:

A grim little feature which soared under the radar, sees two grim brothers in a grim industrial town making grim and fatal decisions which lead to some suitably grim conclusions. An excellent cast – Bale, Defoe, Affleck (the other one), Whitaker, Harrelson etc all perform well in a story that won’t leave many smiling.


Finish Power and Pure Quantum (Pack of 1, Total 40 Tablets):

These were actually more delicious than I expected – just make sure to only take one at a time as they can cause excessive frothing and death.


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