Best Supporting Actress- 1962

Official Nominations: Birdman of AlcatrazThelma Ritter. The Manchurian CandidateAngela Lansbury. The Miracle WorkerPatty Duke. Sweet Bird of YouthShirley Knight. To Kill a MockingbirdMay Badham

This was a strong year all round for actors and actresses with Patty Duke picking up the win making her the youngest winner up till that point. She was used to the role of Helen Keller on stage so that it wasn’t much of a leap when the play was translated onto screen. As much as I adore Thelma Ritter, I think from the actual awards I’ll give the win to Angela Lansbury in The Manchurian Candidate, well deserved especially as it is such an opposing performance to what we’re used to from her. Also nominated was Mary Badham as Scout where she holds her own against Peck and became the youngest ever nominee in this category. Shirley Knight gets another nomination for Sweet Bird Of Youth for a performance which stood out even when surrounded by a large cast.

My Winner: Angela Lansbury

My Nominations: Thelma Ritter. Angela Lansbury. Sue Lyon. Joan Crawford.

I’ve made two additions for my choices- Sue Lyon for her shocking portrayal of Lolita and Joan Crawford for Whatever Happenned To Baby Jane – a film where she is largely overshadowed by Davis. This time my winner is Ritter for another sterling show, proving yet again that she was one of the greats.

My Winner: Thelma Ritter


Who is your pick as the Best Supporting Actress in 1962? Let us know!


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