Best Supporting Actor- 1962

Official Nominations: Ed Begley – Sweet Bird of Youth,  Victor Buono – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?,  Telly Savalas – Birdman of Alcatraz,  Omar Sharif – Lawrence of Arabia, Terence StampBilly Budd

A strange one this year, with Ed Begley edging the official win ahead of some more likely winners. My winner is Telly Savalas for a role he isn’t really remembered for but should be sought out. Everyone recalls Omar Sharif, who seemed like the most likely winner, while newcomer Terence Stamp is electrifying in his debut, and Victor Buono gets an odd nomination for a small part in Baby Jane.

My Winner: Telly Savalas

My Nominations: Robert Mitchum. Telly Savalas. Peter Sellers. Anthony Perkins.

My choices this year are mostly different, with only Telly Savalas surviving. Robert Mitchum gets my win for his wicked performance in Cape Fear as one of Cinema’s great villians, a role which was only recognised later. Peter Sellers gives Lolita another nomination in a role unlike most of his more famous ones while Anthony Perkins is superb in The Trial next to Orson Welles. Perkins should really be in the Best Actor category but I put him here to make the nominations a bit more even.

My Winner: Robert Mitchum

Who would your pick be? Let us know in the poll and the comments!


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