Best Actress- 1962


Official Nominations: Anne BancroftThe Miracle Worker. Bette Davis – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?.  Katharine Hepburn – Long Day’s Journey into Night. Geraldine Page – Sweet Bird of Youth.  Lee Remick – Days of Wine and Roses

The brilliant Anne Bancroft picked up the actual win this year but it is Bette Davis’ performance which most people now will be familiar with. Hepburn and Page give great performances too but my winner from this group is Lee Remick as the crumbling alcoholic in an all too real portrayal.

My Winner: Lee Remmick

My Nominations: Bette Davis. Lee Remick. Anne Bancroft.

I can’t do any better than The Academy this year, so my win again goes to Remmick.

My Winner: Lee Remick

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