Best Cast- 1961

My Nominations: Guns Of Navarone. The Hustler. Judgement At Nuremberg. West Side Story.

Only four picks for this year for Best Cast. Guns Of Navarone is a minor ensemble piece with Gregory Peck, David Niven, Anthony Quinn, Stanley Baker, Anthony Quale, and James Darren leading the way, propping up the likes up Richard Harris and Gia Scala in minor roles. The Hustler is an altogether smaller affair but may have the more standout individual performances from Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason, Piper Laurie, and George C Scott. Likewise, Judgement At Nuremberg relies more on it’s big players, such as Spencer Tracey, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Burt Lancaster, but also up and comers like William Shatner and Maximillian Schell. Finally, West Side Story’s tale of harmless gangs is given life by Natalie Wood, Russ Tamblyn, John Astin, Rita Moreno, Richard Beymer, and a host of other faces you didn’t realise appeared both in some of your favourite TV shows and movies and in this all singin, all dancin bonanza.

My Winner: Guns Of Navarone

Guns Of Navarone

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