Best Writing – Original- 1961

An odd year for this category in that the vast majority of the nominees were non-Americans, yet the winner for his small town tale of religion and sexual repression was Playwright of the Midwest William Inge. Splendor In The Grass touched many a nerve but wasn’t so shocking that critics and audiences were put off. General Della Rovere was based on a novel so probably shouldn’t have been nominated here, while Ballad Of The Soldier was released in Russia 2 years earlier and is a complex tale of various relationships during war times. La Dolce Vita is one of the titans of World Cinema and gets my vote as winner, while Lover Come Back is a silly romantic comedy which we won’t mention again.

Actual Nominations:  Splendor In The Grass- William Inge. La Dolce Vita- Federico Fellini. Ballad Of The Soldier- Valentin Yoshov. General Della Rovere- Sergio Amidei. Lover Come Back- Stanley Shapiro.

My Winner: La Dolce Vita

My Nominations: La Dolce Vita. Through A Glass Darkly. Viridiana. The Day The Earth Caught Fire.

My Winner: La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

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