Amazon Vine Freebies – July 2013

Not a great month for me this time around, only being offered an assortment of self-help books. When will these people learn that I am far beyond help? For the second newsletter, unusually there was still an awful lot of electronic equipment left over – hair curlers, electric razors, epilators etc. I have taken my fair share of those since being on Vine, so I don’t need anymore. I eventually selected a couple of toy sets for the kids, as they never get tired of blocks and figures and cars to throw around or chew on.

Clemmy Plus Play Set – Country House:


You can find my review on the main page on the link below

Clemmy Plus Play Set – Petrol Garage:

You can find my review on the main page on the link below

So, after a lacklustre month, my itch for free delights was not satisfied. Enter The Last Harvest list. Last Harvest is another section of Vine which I rarely venture into as it isn’t updated often, and mostly contains books I would likely not care for, and anti-virus software. Unlike Vine, where you can only select 2 items from each of the two monthly newsletters, Last Harvest lets you select as many items as you like, although you must still meet the review guidelines. I went through all 30 something pages of Last Harvest though to see if there was anything which took my fancy, particularly on the look out for children’s books which my daughters would like and which would be quick and easy to review. This time though, there wasn’t anything suitable for their ages range, however, there were a few books which I picked up which will be good for them in the next few years. In addition to this,  I have recently signed up to volunteer for the Time To Read Programme – a service where volunteers go to Primary Schools to help kids with their reading. I figure the more children’s books I read, the better equipped I will be if and when I come to volunteer. But more on that later. Here are the books I selected:

The Abominators: Number 1 in series


By: J.L. Smith, Sam Hearn
‘Mucker, Boogster, Cheesy and Bob, also known as The Abominators, are the most mischievous characters you will ever have come across. Their interests include chaos, mayhem and filling the school toilets with strawberry jelly. Their interests definitely DO NOT include making friends with panty-wanty-woo-wearing new boy, Cecil Trumpington-Potts. Cecil, however, is certain he can change their minds . . .’

Monstrous Maud: Big Fright:

By: A. B. Saddlewick, Sarah Horne
‘When Maud’s pet rat, Quentin, escapes in the middle of science class, it’s the very last straw. Maud is transferred from Primrose Towers to Rotwood Middle School – to the delight of her teacher, classmates and her perfect twin, Milly – but what is in store at Rotwood? There’s something strange about the pupils of Rotwood – everyone’s dressed as though it’s Halloween and the school’s motto is ‘Because We Scare’. Is ten-year-old Maud Montague monstrous enough for Rotwood?’

Monstrous Maud: Freaky Sleepover:

By: A. B. Saddlewick, Sarah Horne
‘When Maud’s perfect twin sister, Milly plans a sleepover, Mum forces Maud to have her friends over too. What can possibly go wrong? Nothing much …just that Maud’s mum might find out about Rotwood High being a school for real monsters! As if that’s not enough to worry about, Maud is tricked into looking after Violet, the school hamster, by her arch enemy, bitchy-witch Poisonous Penelope. But Violet is no ordinary hamster! She’s a pedigree vampster and an expert cage-breaker. With a vampster on the loose, sleep is the very last thing that happens! Another terrifyingly terrific tale in the Monstrous Maud series, written by Abi Saddlewick.’

And the final book, which is aimed for a slightly older audience (which I liked the sound of myself):

Monument 14:

By: Emmy Laybourne
‘Fourteen kids stranded inside a superstore. Inside they have everything they could ever need. There’s junk food and clothes, computer games and books, drugs and alcohol … and without adult supervision they can do whatever they want.Sounds like fun? But outside the world is being ripped apart by violent storms and chemicals leaking into the atmosphere that, depending on blood type, leave victims paranoid, violent or dead. The kids must remain inside, forced to create their own community, unsure if they’ll ever be able to leave. Can they stop the world they’ve created inside from self-destructing too? ‘Riveting’ New York Times – ‘ A post apocalyptic wild ride’ Huffington Post’


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