Manic Mondays 1

In a vain attempt to keep visitors on my blog (or keep them away) and keep lyrics relevant, I will try to post one of my favourite Manic Street Preachers lyrics every Monday. To keeps things interesting I’ll change it up occassionally by adding lyrics from other bands and artists, so you can disregard the snappy title post. Let these lyrics fill you up with joy and hope, and feel them set you on your way for whatever it is you will be doing that week, whether it be working, schooling, skiving, drinking, sitting, dying, lying etc and else.

But why The Manics? A. Because it’s my blog. B. Because it fits with the snappy title. 3. Because they are the best lyricists I’ve ever read, aside from the odd blip here and there.

So, I get the Manics playlist on Ipod, hit random and:

The Intense Humming Of Evil

‘6 million screaming souls
Maybe misery – maybe nothing at all
Lives that wouldn’t have changed a thing
Never counted – never mattered – never be’



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