Nightman Listens To – You!

Hello again, aimless wanderers. In conjunction with my Nightman Listens To David Bowie series, I’m going to branch out to several other artists. As mentioned in my original post, I would like you to submit your ideas to me, for bands and albums I should cover. Just leave your thoughts in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. Although I like to think that I have a wide taste in music, I guess my dependency is on rock music, whether that be anything from The Beatles all the way up to heavy metal artists such as Opeth. Yes, I’m covering metal under the umbrella of rock. As I have been a metal DJ over the years, I know a fair amount of that stuff, but if there’s something you think I’ve missed, by all means let me know. Things I know less about would be Jazz, Country, Classical, Dance, and all the sub-genres within, similar to how I consider here metal to be a sub-genre of rock. Recent music in all forms is something which escapes me, thankfully, as anything I’ve seen from the Charts recently has been terrible, whether it be pop, rock, or error. As a music fan though, I’m aware that the best stuff is often not in the charts, but I simply don’t have the time to discover new bands/musicians anymore without some sort of wild and clear recommendation. I want to learn. I want to love. So let me know.

In addition, I’ll likely go back and cover albums I’ve missed by artists I’ve listened to throughout my life. Coming up, I’ll be posting reviews of Bryan Adams albums that I missed, Bon Jovi, Tori Amos, Megadeth, Public Enemy, Alice In Chains, etc etc, as well as visiting solo material from artists whose work in bands I’ve loved, such as Robert Plant. I have a number of discographies ready to go by artists I have never really listened to – Jefferson Airplance, Patti Smith, The Beach Boys, Axel Rudi Pell, Judas Priest, Within Temptation etc etc. As you can see, most of those artists are from similar branches of the same tree. So, If you think that I have to hear the new Gaga Minaj (whatever that is) or, if some new experimental trio from Azerbaijan are the best thing since never, then let me know. I have enough ears to go around. Let me know.

Tell it like it is!

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