Best Cinematography: 1961

Official Nominations: The Hustler. Judgement At Nuremberg. One, Two, Three. The Absent-Minded Professor. The Children’s Hour. West Side Story. A Majority Of One. Fanny. Flower Drum Song. One-Eyed Jacks.

My Winners: The real winners this year were The Hustler for Black and White, and West Side Story for Colour. Fair enough.

My Nominations: I didn’t pick between BW and Colour:

West Side Story. The Day The Earth Caught Fire. The End Of Summer. Yojimbo. The Hustler.

Yojimbo’s Western influenced wide shots (infused with typical Kurosawa flair) and general inspired beauty from Kazuo Miyagawa and Takao Saito earn the win from me. Asakazu Nakai, famous for his work with Kurosawa, instead worked on The End Of Summer, offering tantalising glimpses of Kyoto, while Harry Waxman helped provide the singular vision for The Day The Earth Caught Fire.

My Winner: Yojimbo


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