Amazon Vine Freebies – April 2013

The big news this month for Viners was that we would, for May onwards, need to review 100% of our chosen freebies. This came as a shock to many, and caused varying degrees of panic throughout the Vine community. This effectively meant that by the third Thursday in May, all those pending reviews we hadn’t bothered to write needed to be written and published. Now, I had over 10 items which I’d neglected to review, some recent, some from years ago, and like many, I didn’t know if I would be able to complete them satisfactorally on time.

Luckily though, most of the panic was for nowt, as Amazon announced that they were only considering items received in 2013 as required for review – so any that had been missed in previous years were cleaned from the slate – yippee! This only left me with 2-3 recent items pending which I could easily review in a month.

With that on my mind, in April I received a bounty of:

Perlasca: The Courage Of A Just Man (DVD):



This is a powerful, well-acted TV mini-series set in WWII era Hungary, and depicts the true story of a man’s attmempts to thwart the Nazi extermination of Hungarian Jews.

Salter MiBaby Mother and Baby Electronic Personal Scale (Baby Equipment):

A nifty set of baby scales let down by awkward button placement.

Seagate STCD500204 Slim 500GB USB 3.0 2.5 inch Portable Hard Drive – Silver (Tech):

A nice, easy to use Ext Hard Drive suited to syncing with your favourite social media sites.


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