Bands I’ve Seen Live – H

Hundred Reasons:


Wow, there are so many gigs I don’t remember at all. I’ve had to check wikipedia to even see who these guys are. But now I remember their mix of screaming and shouting. A decent band, I haven’t heard anything beyond their first album, but I honestly don’t remember much of their gig, other than the fact that it was sunny….

Har Mar Superstar:


I do remember this one however, as it was pretty sleaze filled and humourous, and neither the music nor the antics on stage left a lot to the imagination. As crappy as the music was, a good time was had by all.



Aah, one of the most underrated bands out there, they could never seem to catch a break, playing the sort of music which other bands were getting the misguided plaudits for. Their debut, Between The Senses, made my list of favourite albums of 2000-2009, although their lackluster follow-up was a great disappointment. A band with such a talented singer, Gary Briggs, and who made such glorious ballads as seen on their first album deserve to be much bigger. Perhaps if they had tried to crack America they would have succeeded and become much bigger:


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