Best Supporting Actress- 1961

Official Nominations: Rita Moreno. Judy Garland. Fay Bainter. Lotte Lenya. Una Merkel.

For this year’s category we have a wide variety of characters in a wide range of films. Unsurprisingly, the official winner was Rita Moreno as the feisty and ultimately treacherous Anita. At the opposite end of the scale is Judy Garland as the reluctant Irene, and I reluctantly give her my pick as winner. Fay Bainter stars as a wealthy grandmother in Children’s Hour who doesn’t have much impact on the story and Lotte Lenya and Una Merkel are bizarre choices in movies long since forgotten – The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone and Summer And Smoke.

My nominations: Rita Moreno. Judy Garland. Anita Ekberg.

Unfortunately I cannot do better than the official choices this year, so my nominations are Rita Moreno and Judy Garland, with the Oz creature picking up the win, but I also add Anita Ekberg: If only for jumping around in a fountain in La Dolce Vita, but her performance in the groundbreaking movie was much more.

Judy Garland

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