Best Actor- 1961

Actual Nominations: This wasn’t the most interesting award this year with Max Schell winning it for Judgment At Nuremberg. I was surprised Spencer Tracey didn’t get the win for his role in the same film. Also nominated was Charles Boyer in the horrendous musical ‘Fanny’ and Stuart Whitman for the daring child molester part in The Mark. Far and away my choice of winner from the original nominations though is Paul Newman as Fast Eddie in The Hustler. Newman would have to sit through another couple of decades of nominations before eventually picking up the win, but this remains one of his most famous performances, up there with Luke and Butch.

My nominations: Paul Newman- The Hustler. Max Von Sydow- Through A Glass Darkly. George Peppard-Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Gregory Peck- The Guns Of Navarone. Vincent Price- The Pit And The Pendulum. Toshiro Mifune- Yojimbo

My Winner: Paul Newman- The Hustler.

The Hustler

Do you agree that Paul Newman is the Best Actor of 1961? Feel free to let us know in the comments and the poll!

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