Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Retro Review: An Introduction

January is popularly known as the most terrifying month of the year. Sure, October gets all the headlines thanks to Halloween, Mad Hatter’s Day, and everyone’s favourite – Moldy Cheese Day –


April is a wasteland of existential despair, but January, is an icy Eternia of horrible beginnings and regret. After the joys of the holiday period, you will likely face the terror of returning to school, university, or work. For most , that means preparing for a new term of skiving followed by a few hours of frantic cramming, or having to speak with colleagues who you may or may not have made nude drunken advances towards during your extravagant solo rendition of Gangnam Style (I assume this is what happens during work parties – I never attend).

Luckily, you can rely on The Spac Hole to provide some much-needed steel against such unthinkable terrors (via a typically tenuous linking introduction) by offering you some thoughts on that fondly remembered anthology show from your youth – Are You Afraid Of The Dark. I’ve recently acquired one of these new fangled boxes of witchcraft, The Kindle, which enables me to watch my lovefilm choices on the train. As I, perhaps like you, am a broken hopeless man-child, much of my list consists of programmes devised for people one-third of my age.

The Rest Consists Of This
The Rest Consists Of This

Over the next few posts I’ll attempt to give my thoughts, rants, and imaginings each episode, while you can leave dick jokes in the comments.

Want to read the first episode review? Go here with your eyes:

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