Best Stunt Work: 1960

A Falling Guy
A Falling Guy

My Nominations:

The Magnificent Seven:This one has any number of heart pumping scenes, from horse chases to gun fights, but it is the sheer speed and diversity of the stunts and action here which does it for me. So please spare a moment to recognise the excellent work of Larry Duran, Jerry Gatlin, Loren Janes, Jack Williams, and Henry Wills.

Spartacus: Most epics have action scenes as a prerequisite. There is a lot of great work here, mostly focussed on the battles and individual fights.

The Lost World: Nothing too jaw-dropping here, but plenty of fights, chases, and explosions which called for some of the best stuntmen in the business.

The Last Voyage: Watching an enormous cruise liner split in half and explode ensures plenty of tension, falling, running, and diving, and in this early disaster movie there are some brilliant stunts. Remember folks, no CG- just men diving out of the way and putting their bodies in extreme danger.

My Winner:

The Magnificent Seven: No Contest.

The Magnificent Seven
The Magnificent Seven

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