Amazon Vine Freebies – October 2012

Well well well, quite a lot of treats in store for moi this month. Yet again, many people (not moi) were offered a variety of external hard drives. I can hardly complain though as I received an assortment of goodies with an approximate value of £350!
Revitive CX Circulation Booster
Suitable For Weirdos

This foot massaging device will come in handy for my wife after our next bambino is born, as well as for drunken-sitting-on. After my daughter was born, my wife’s feet grew to roughly the size of a cyclops head and it was my job to rub those beasts into submission for days. Hopefully this pizza shaped machine will do most of the hard work with none of the complaining. It comes with a handy remote control, so you just need to set it on the ground, stick on Coronation Street, set those clickedy heels down and enjoy the rumbles.

Foodsaver Automated Vacuum Sealing System

Do Not Insert Face Or ErrRo1R!

I thought this thing was going to be around the size of a toaster, but when the postman handed it over he may as well have been handing me a new born giraffe. The box is huge! So, besides wondering where I’m going to store this, I’ve been excited about the various contents; it comes with an assortment of Tupperware type containers, bags, wine bottle stoppers, etc. Anyway, the device basically vacuum seals any food you wish to store, and apparently it keeps food fresh five times longer. Most people have raved about this and said it was one of their best purchases. Freebie!

LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar

’69 Les Paul

I’ve got this as another Christmas present for my daughter, as she loves everything musical at the moment. She may not be quite ready to join me in the garage for a rendition of Through The Fire And The Flames, but at least this is a pseudo-guitar for a pseudo-start. She’ll be able to play around with it when I’m playing my guitar, and then we can swap and braid each others hair and talk about boys.

ThermaCare Lower Back Heat Wrap Pack of 2

DO not EAT

SO, after all my guitar playing, baby giraffe carrying, and baby baby carrying, my back is going to need some tender love and heat. I’ve never tried one of these wrap things before, but I’ve been warned that pasting it around my face would not be wise or appropriate. I suspect there may be some type of witchcraft involved with these but I’ve never been one to back down from wrinkly old hags. Near non-sequiters not withstanding, I think this will be useful as my lower back is always achey breaky.


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