Best Song- 1960

Never On Sunday

Official Nominations:

Never on Sunday – Never on Sunday • Music and lyrics: Manos Hadjidakis- A typical belter starting with a bunch of La la las. It’s all very twee apart from the innapropriate blasting of the vocals. They should have let a Greek singer perform. Nevertheless, this was the official winner.

The Facts of Life – The Facts of Life • Music and lyrics: Johnny Mercer. A terrible duet, complete with silly sound effects, theatrical performances, and just about everything that is wrong with music.

Faraway Part of Town – Pepe • Music: Andre Previn • Lyrics: Dory Langdon. Judt Garland sings this one, and at least it is a song in comparison to the Ad Jingles which make up the rest of the nominations. Still, it has that Jazz vibratto I can’t abide.

The Green Leaves of Summer – The Alamo • Music: Dimitri Tiomkin • Lyrics: Paul Francis Webster. Finally, a song we can listen to without our ears melting into a toxic disaster on the floor. A haunting melody with an eerie cathedral feel.

The Second Time Around – High Time • Music: James Van Heusen • Lyrics: Sammy Cahn. A rather typical love song which, in 1960 already sounded 2 decades out of date. Plus it reminds me of Tom and Jerry. Which should be a good sign. But Isn’t.

My Winner: A typically poor year for songs with mostly annoying, jangly jingles making up the bulk. My win goes to The Alamo.

My Nominations:  Unfortunately I can’t find anything of worth this year so my single nominee and winner is The Alamo.

The Alamo

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