Amazon Vine Freebies – August 2012

This month I missed out on a video baby monitor which is something my wife has wanted for some time now. As is typical with Vine Thursdays, I am prepared in the morning to hit Amazon at 8 pm, but after finishing work, putting bambinos to bed etc, it usually slips my mind; at 9pm it will suddenly pop back into my head but by that time the electronic goods are gone. Nevertheless, this month I have received some decent stuff:

Philips Wet and Dry Epilator:

Luckily this was still on my list when I logged in- it’s not something we desperately need, but we’ll be able to put it to good use.

Humf And The Big Boots:

This is a ‘touchy feely’ book for young kids (physically that is, none of that mental touchy feely stuff…) based on the furry character Humf, whose highly popular TV show I have never heard of. AT first glance the book seems bright and fun, but only some of the pages have touchy feely bits which seems strange, especially considering that there only are about 6 pages.

Old Macdonald Book With Sounds:

This is the tale of Old Macdonald told with bright colours and interesting animations. Four buttons accompany the book which, when pressed, play the sound of a duck, a horse, a pig, and the Old Macdonald song. These sounds are quite loud and while my daughter enjoys pressing them, she isn’t at the stage yet to actually sit and listen to me read the story.

Dinosaur Sounds and Pop Ups:

This one looks great with wonderful drawings of the various ‘famous’ types of dinosaurs, land, sea, and air based. The selling points are that each page pops up in glorious 3D, with long necks and fangs stretching out towards you. As you turn each page sounds are played based upon what is happening on the select page- these sounds are incredibly loud but are atmospheric and give a strong imaginative impression of the scene depicted. Again, be careful with the age group as the pop ups look as if they would tear very easily, and if your child is a grabber then the long neck of a Sauropod woudn’t stand a chance.

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