Best Art Direction- 1960

I’m not going to list all the names of those involved as we’ll be here forever. In the 60s this award was still split into BW and Colour, but I can overlook that because I’m better than the past.

Official Nominations: BW: The Apartment. The Facts Of Life. Psycho. Sons And Lovers. Visit To A Small Planet. Cimarron. It Started In Naples. Pepe. Colour Spartacus. Sunrise At Campobello.

My Winner: Psycho. Spartacus


My Nominations: The Apartment. Psycho. Spartacus. The Brides Of Dracula. House Of Usher. The Lost World. Jigoku.

I’ve added a few films which were missed this year. The Brides Of Dracula has that terrific gothic feel which Hammer Productions did so well- although it may look cheap and cheesy now, it retains an atmosphere today which must have been much greater decades ago. The same can be said for House Of Usher, which goes one step further by letting the Art Direction dictate the claustrophobic mood. The Lost World may also look cheap and cheerful now but it was one of the pioneering adventure films ofthe decade and many directors took their cue from this for the look and feel of their film in terms of set and costume. However, my winner is a film with a singular look- one which is as pwerful today as it was then, although I would have loved to have seen the minds of a 1960 audience contort in horror at what they were presented with. Jigoku is all about looks and atmosphere, and few films deliveer so well. Wonderful design from cast such as Haruyasu Kurosawa ensure that Jigoku, once seen, will never be forgotten.

My Winner: Jigoku.


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