Best Writing- Adapted: 1960

Ofiicial Nominations: Elmer Gantry. Inherit the Wind. Sons and Lovers.The Sundowners. Tunes of Glory

Richard Brookes won the award this year for his screenplay based off the novel by Sinclair Lewis, an award due in part to Lancaster’s ability to effectively deliver the fast paced dialogue. James Kenneway adapted his own novel into the screenplay for the dark Tunes Of Glory while Lambert and Clarke turned DH Lawrence’s coming of age tale into a risque flick. Inherit The Wind sees  Young and Smith capturing the spirit and themes of the McCarthy era parable while Isobel Lennart ably twists Jon Cleary’s novel.

My Winner: Sons And Lovers

Sons And Lovers

My Nominations: Sons And Lovers. House Of Usher. The Magnificent Seven. The Lost World. Swiss Family Robinson. Spartacus. Village Of The Damned.

Only Sons And Lovers makes it over to my list of nominations with a handful of both classic and underrated films making up the pack. Horror God Richard Matheson turns Poe’s short into a more pallatable story with plenty of atmosphere while Irwin Allen and Charles Bennett tackle Doyle’s tale of exploration and adventure. Lowell S Hawley version of Swiss Family Robinson maybe more watered down than the original text but is updated with a more family oriented feel while the trio penned screenplay for Village Of The Damned focuses more on the terror rather than the sci-fi elements. Screenwriting genius Dalton Trumbo was blacklisted at the time Spartacus was released, but it was the success of the film, due in part to the writing, which helped end this era. However, my win goes to Walter Newman’s adaptation of the Seven Samurai script. Newman largely wrote the film we know today but after being unavailable during filming, William Roberts was brought on site to make small updates- Newman asked for his name to be taken off the production. 52 years later, thanks to the awful power of The Spac Hole, he gets his Oscar win.

My Winner: The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven

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