Best Writing- Original: 1960

Official Nominations: The Apartment. The Angry Silence. The Facts of Life. Hiroshima Mon Amour. Never on Sunday

From the official nominations this year there was really only going to be one winner, with Billy Wilder’s witty screenplay backed by I.A.L Diamond’s notorious flair for comedy ensuring plenty of laughs. More than a simple comedy it touches upon controversial themes such as adultery and was generally ahead of its peers in terms of cultural relevance. Bryan Forbes’s screenplay for The Angry Silence touched on similarly relevant themes, but without the comedy and although the story from Richard Gregson and Michael Craig is interesting, there is none of the brilliance of Wilder. The Facts Of Life is a generally silly, cliche ridden film and story where that typical-for-Hollywood-but-entirely-unnatural event of placing two people in an unusual situation only for them to inevitably fall in love is the central event. In contrast, Hiroshima Mon Amour is startlingly fresh and innovative with Marguerite Duras’s screenplay abandoning linear plotting and traditional form. Jules Dassin’s Never On Sunday rounds up the nominations with a fine story written to the point of vanity.

My Winner: The Apartment

Wilde Lemon

My Nominations: The Apartment. Peeping Tom. Hiroshima Mon Amour.

I’ve added one major missing to my nominations, a film which explores the more seedy, dangerous, unexplored side of life. Leo Marks penned the script for Powell’s Peeping Tom and gives his experience of cryptography to create a puzzling story which surprises at every turn.

My Winner: The Apartment

Diamond And Wilder

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