Best Supporting Actress- 1960

Shirley Knight was nominated for The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs, but lost out to another Shirley- Jones, for Elmer Gantry. Both are fine performances, but my choice goes to Knight for her coy, shy capering. Jones has the much bigger role and deserved her win in a character full of controversy, but just to be different I’ll say Knight.
Janet Leigh gets the nomination for Psycho in a fine performance, but due to the length of time she is on screen I don’t believe she warrants a win, whilst Mary Ure in Sons And Lovers doesn’t really deserve a nomination.
Glynis Johns gives a decent performance in a forgettable film and hardly deserves to have been nominated too.

Shirley Knight

My nominations:
Shirley Knight: As above
Shirley Jones: As above
Janet Leigh: As above
Audrey Hepburn: Though technically not a supporting role, things work differently in The Spac Hole, and our dear Hepburn, full of native American blood steals the show in The Unforgiven– a messy film which all involved would rather forget.

Audrey Hepburn

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