Best Actress- 1960

Elizabeth Taylor

Official Nominations: This wasn’t a stellar year for leading Actresses- the subversive crime roles of previous years were largely gone and there was a lack of star vehicles for women. Greer Garson won the big part of the year as Eleanor Roosevelt in the interesting but forgettable biography Sunrise At Campobello, while Deborah Kerr, Liz Taylor, and Shirley MacLaine each got nominations for strong performances, with Taylor picking up the official win. Melina Mercouri is the most interesting nomination for Never On Sunday, the Greek sinking her jaws into her role as a prostitute who deflects attempts to turn her onto the moral highway- she gets my win.

My Nominations:

Melina Mercouri.
Elizabeth Taylor.
Sophia Loren for It Started In Naples.
Elana Eden is powerful in her debut The Story Of Ruth.
Dorothy McGuire for the well acted The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs.
Alida Valli is chilling in Eyes Without A Face and gets my vote as winner, giving one of the landmark performances as a rather bad lady.

Alida Valli

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