Amazon Vine Freebies – 17th May 2012

After a wonderful night of my daughter refusing to go to sleep as the minutes ticked towards 8.00 pm I got the nervous feeling that tonight would be the night that I would be offered a 42 inch TV but that some other lucky scumbag would get in there first and steal my dreams away. I didn’t log on to Vine until after 9.30 (usually all the big things are gone by 8.01) so I was expected an array of undesirable books and anti-virus software. But lo and behold and yippee kai ya muthaluvva, there were still plenty of treats left in store for me. No TV for me of course, but there were baby bottles and shredders (of the paper variety, not baby). I have been after a shredder for some time but didn’t want to fork out the notes for one, so I clicked send and as I type it is sitting beside my front door unopened (I’ve been sick all week and barely have the energy to type never mind wage war with a cardboard box). It’s from the AmazonBasics range which I have tried a few products from in the past, usually of decent quality. For anyone interested in my latest aquisition, follow the link bee-low:


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