Lemur Street

Lemur Street is the latest in a long line of infectious tv series following the lives of animals told in a soap like dramatic fashion. If you are a fan of similar TV shows like Monkey Business, Meercat Manor, any of the Big Cat shows, or indeed anything with David Attenborough then you will enjoy this. There isn’t anything particularly new here (unless you’ve never seen a lemur before), as we follow two neighbouring gangs of ring tailed lemurs while they struggle for territory, forage for food, try to survive and protect their families. Narrated by Martin Shaw to keep viewers aware of the unfolding actio, Lemur Street is a wonderfully filmed series which teaches us about these beautiful creatues, and is interesting, funny, sad, but ultimately rewarding as we get a glimpse of the daily habits of the Graveyard Gang and The Tornadoes. The Lemurs are the stars of the show and like the series mentioned above, you will soon find a favourite whether it be Peg Leg or Amazon, and hope that they will triumph.

As i am a fan of animals and animal tv shows (and am known to have had the odd lemur on my shoulder) I caught most of this when it was originally aired. The first episode introduces to most of the characters and background before launching us Hollywood style into a full scale battle as the Tornadoes invade the Graveyard Gang for food. From here in every other episode we follow the back and forth action between the two groups, entwined by softer family moments such as grooming and playing- this is the way of nature, that we are all ultimately the same albeit separated by mere parts, meaning that we will defend our own to the death. Of course it is survival of the fittest, and these leads to a few genuine tear jerker moments- anyone who followed the story of Toto on Big Cat Diary will know what i mean. This may mean some parents will be wary of showing their children one particular episode, but the majority of the series is joyful and uplifting. Any show which teaches children about the animal kingdom is a must in my view.

Overall this is one of the best TV shows of its kind, and one of the best things shown on TV last year. If you’re an animal lover, or even have a passing interest in lemurs or animal documentaries then you will find a lot to love here. It is not remotely as bloody as some series- lemurs are herbivores and there isn’t too much predatory action so those who shy away from these types of show when an animal is killed will be able to watch. Entertaining throughout, hopefully the success of this show will lead to more of the same.

Lemur Street
As always, feel free to comment on the review/show. What are your experiences with lemurs?

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