Jeremy Beadle MBE: 12 April 1948 – 30 January 2008

The original prankster, Beadle’s shows delighted and terrified Britain for decades – years before Youtube was a thing. Nowadays, pranks are everywhere, and You’ve Been Framed and the shows like it have massive worldwide audiences. Jeremy could have been a massive force online, but died before such dreams could ever come to fruition. I used to spend many a Saturday and Sunday night laughing my not-yet-dropped balls off at Beadle’s About and YBF – in many ways they were the highlight of my weekend evening viewing – coming from a family that wasn’t big into sport – it was something we could all enjoy together, all getting the joke, all cringing together.

Feel free to share your memories and thoughts of Jeremy in the comments section – what sketches do you remember most fondly?

Rest In Peace.

Jeremy Beadle

Tell it like it is!

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