Jaws 3

Jaws 3 (D)

A gimmicky mess which tarnished a few respected names- Richard Matheson, Lois Gossett Jr and Dennis Quaid. Mike and Sean Brody have left Amity and now work at Sea World in Florida. A new Underwater theme park is being opened, full of glass tunnels to walk through. When a baby great white shark is found and brought back to the park, it dies. Soon a number of people vanish. When the body of one is found, it becomes apparent that another great white is on the loose, and it wants revenge for the death of its child. Soon everyone is in danger from the shark, and it is bigger and badder than all others.

Poor acting, weak dialogue, pointless scenes (all the 3D stuff), dodgy effects (which embarrass the viewer-strange when we watch the original and the bad effects in it have little…effect on us), no scares or real laughs, and very few memorable moments. None of the actors are given a chance because of poor writing, strange because the idea behind the film could have worked, even if it did not have the same impact as the first. A shark attacking an underwater theme-park, the possibility of children, old and young people all being threatened, trapped under the sea by the animal, all their possible fears, prejudices coming out etc. Unfortunately the film avoids this, throws in some dolphins, a bit of stupid looking gore, and another hunt for the shark. A bad film, but watch it anyway if you’re even a semi-completist.

The dvd has trailers for other Jaws films, nothing else. Get it with the box set, unless you’re some Jaws 3D fanatic.

Feel free to comment- Is this the worst in the series or is it a guilty pleasure for you? Let us know!

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