This is the point where the Bond series really fired into action-terrific stunts, explosive action, good set pieces, memorable villains, car chases, gadgets, and feisty, strong willed women. Probably deserving of being called the best Bond movie, though it is not my favourite, as it has everything a Bond movie should have. It also stands beside other action films for its excitement levels, is full of one-liners and memorable images, and has a very good plot and strong performances from everyone.

Bond is investigating a gold smuggler, in a brief turn away from the full blown SPECTRE plots of previous films, and uncovers a plan to destroy the world’s economy. Bond meets Auric Goldfinger, the man believed to be responsible, and soon is struggling to stop the plan and save the world.

Goldfinger has many famous moments which have become more than simply memorable movie scenes- The Jill Masterson ‘turns to gold’ scene, the ‘Shocking’ bath moment, the famous Aston Martin’s ejector seat scene. The laser scene. Pussy Galore, as her name may suggest is Bond’s ‘girl’ this time, and is easily the strongest female character to date in the series. We have Oddjob, a terrifying silent assassin who uses his steel rimmed bowler hat to dispatch of his enemies, one of the best bad guys in any Bond movie, and Goldfinger himself is the archetypal Bond Villain- smart but…dumb. The theme tune is one of the strongest, and the film made sure that Bond had a place in movie and cultural history.

The DVD has sparkling visuals restored for modern viewing, and the same can be said for the sound. The 2nd disc is full of interesting features which will satisfy all Bond fans- from the nerds to the passing enthusiasts.

As always, please leave your comments on the movie and the review- is this the best Bond ever? And don’t forget to check out my other Bond reviews in the DVD section.

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